The Clayoquot Sound Provides Spectacular Wildlife From A Safe & Non-Intrusive Distance.

Relaxing Wildlife Excursions

As the tide ebbs, black bears tread across the exposed shorelines and mudflats, overturning stones in search of scuttling crabs, clams, and other seafood delights. We drift at a quiet distance, observing these magnificent creatures in their most natural of habitats, and often times our respectful approach allows our presence to go completely unnoticed to them.

Experience Our Wildlife

What To Expect

From the rugged and battered coastline, guarded by towering cedar forests, to the sheltered inlets with snow capped peaks, we will take you deep into the waters of Clayoquot Sound. We are able to utilize our local knowledge to give guests insight into the wildlife, inhabitants and history of our area. From Orcas to Wolves, you never know who will make an appearance.


Through their annual hibernation during the winter months, black bears will remain dormant in their dens. Because of this, the spring through the fall (April – October) is the most ideal viewing time, and following that they trek off to the river systems to feed on spawning salmon. Male black bears can reach sizes of up to 275 KG!


Greys are the most frequently spotted species of whale along our coast. Their migratory patterns are the longest of any sea animal on the planet, beginning in the breeding grounds of Baja, Mexico and taking them all the way to the Bering Sea of Alaska. We generally see them arriving in our waters in latter part of March. Humpback whales are also seen in the summer months, between June and September. Transient orcas (or killer whales) often make an appearance in Clayoquot Sound as well, although their patterns are more sporadic and unpredictable as they traverse the coast in search of food.

Other Wildlife

A multitude of marine mammals and birds call Clayoquot Sound home. Our excursions often house sightings of bald eagles, great blue herons, seals and sea lions, otters, harbour porpoises, and even coastal wolves.